Whether it’s a business venture, or an adventure in starting something new, discover your perfect fit across 39 floors of urban-metropolitan lifestyle solutions right here at Ceylonz suites.

From business to leisure, have your formal meetings indoors or brainstorm your creative ideas away in the centre of a lush and natural environment outside. Meet like-minded individuals, share ideas, and grow your business to greater heights in a space created for creativity. Whatever you choose, discover that a holistic lifestyle balance is all yours to behold and enjoy in a splendid co-working environment.

Let your ideas flow freely in an open-office space where you do more than just work. Or find yourself another cosy spot to settle in and look at your tasks from a different perspective; be in a place that continuously inspires you to just ‘create’. Or when time calls for it, close yourself off from the distractions of the outside world and get down to real business, the choice is ultimately yours.

Discover the true meaning of flexibility when it comes to finding a decent place to rest after a tiring day of work. Turn your working space into one that affords you the ability to fully rest and recharge yourself to take on newer ideas all bright eyed and bushy tailed.

This is the place where you want to thrive, and grow with a sense of accomplishment and pride. So if you’re up with the best, then leave the rest behind and start your future right here at Ceylonz.